Patricia Low Contemporary is pleased to announce Star of Africa: Kaspar Bonnén, John Kørner, Kirstine Roepstorff, Réne Schmidt. Once again reunited in this exhibition of rising young Danish artists, Bonnén, Kørner and Roepstorff have invited their long-time friend Rene Schmidt, thus recreating the atmosphere of what once was ‘Kørner’s Office’.

Indeed, whilst attending the art academy in Copenhagen in the mid-late 1990s, Bonnén, Kørner, Tal R and Roepstorff happened upon an available office space within the grounds of the school; shortly thereafter, they begin exhibiting their work, collectively and individually, in the space.  Thus, ‘Kørner’s Office’ was born.  After the completion of their studies, ‘Kørner’s Office’ was abandoned and the artists pursued their individual art careers.

One decade later, this exhibition will allow the artists to express their work as separately and also respond to the work of peers with whom they share deep ties.  Key to the interest in this new work is the sense of materiality and formal structures of the work.  All artists explore a diversity of media, defying traditional classifications of ‘painter’ or ‘sculpture’.  Indeed, each artist blurs the line of convention, simultaneously exploring painting, sculpture, collage, photography and even performance.

Kaspar Bonnén (b. 1968, Copenhagen)
Since completing his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in 1999, Bonnén has created a body of work that explores the traditions of Modernist painting, emphasizing reconfigured compositions, bold brushstrokes, motifs, and strong colors.  He continues to expand his practice through experimentation with sculpture and installations.

John Kørner (b. 1967, Aarhus)
John Kørner’s painterly project is always engaged with the relationship between artist and viewer. And in his motives/installations he strives for an interaction. John uses colors that call for attention. The colours are always put on in thin layers on the surface, looking casual and accidental. John Kørner is the founder of the group of artists called ‘Kørners office’ that also includes Kirstine Roepstorff, Tal R and Kaspar Bonnén.

Kirstine Roepstorff (b. 1972, Denmark; lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin)
Kirstine Roepstorff’s practice relies upon collage/assemblage of found media and material to create juxtapositions that question contemporary social, political, and artistic issues.  As noted by writer Cecilie Høgsbro Roepstorff’s crystalline, refracting, kaleidoscopic images thus make us remember that words, values and concepts constantly tend to merge into their apparent opposites. Where there’s beauty there’s politics, where there’s collectivism there’s individualism and vanity, where there is tension and difference there is also likeness.  The border in between oppositions is invisible but a glorious place to be. Roepstorff takes us there. “

René Schmidt (b. 1968, Denmark; lives and works in Viborg, DK)
René Schmidt creates avant-garde aesthetics related to shopping mall culture and the economical power of the global market. Working with sculpture and space through computer-modified systems Schmidt generates funky and futuristic approaches that erase the borders of low and high culture.

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