Approaching landscape as a departure point into the sublime and surreal, Holdsworth envisions an uncanny enhancement of nature that’s fantastic, foreboding and infinitely, unequivocally entrancing.

Inaugurating Patricia Low Contemporary’s artist-residency programme at La Maison Jaune, Dan Holdsworth’s photographs construe the awesome power of the landscape as something supernatural. Travelling the world – from Iceland to Puerto Rico — to source his remarkable tableaux, Holdsworth magnifies the exotica of these otherworldly terrains through traditional photographic techniques.

Through prolonged exposures, specialist lenses, and subtle alterations in the developing process, his images capture the impossible, transforming majestic vistas into scenes of science fiction wonder. Themes of time, space, spirituality, and the human condition run throughout Holdsworth’s work as bizarre structures, minute hints of isolated habitation and eerie lighting effects create a sense of ominous discord within his awe-inspiring scenes.

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