Paula Hayes’s botanical sculptures invoke a futuristic symbiosis of nature and technology. Her terrariums – made from hand-blown glass vitrines and containing real living plants – embody precariously balanced microcosms, full of wonder and awe. These miniature ecological systems challenge the conceptions of organic disorder and constructed artifice, with their encased compositions operating as both constantly evolving ‘landscapes’ and precious possessions.

With its high-design aesthetics, Hayes work conceives the equilibrium of aesthetic and natural purity as plenary virtue: a marvel of sustainability and achievement, harnessing the very essence of creation as attainable, conquerable, and commodifiable perfection. Underlying Hayes’s work is an engagement with contemporary spirituality, where harmony with the elements becomes both holistic philosophy and lifestyle choice. Her accompanying works – which include exquisitely rendered planters and luxurious bird houses – posit functional and ergonomic solutions to the co-existence of culture and cultivation.

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