Patricia Low Contemporary is pleased to present Work Out, a solo exhibition by John Kørner.

Suspended between abstraction and figuration, Kørner’s canvases seduce with their dream-like suggestion, creating chimerical worlds where the physicality of painting and the meander of imagination fuse. In these latest works, themes of energy and labour dramatically play out through a caste of fitness-crazed farmers: Exercising as they toil, they represent a perfect system of ecology, illustrating harmonious cycles of conservation and expenditure, productivity and consumption, power and depletion, metaphorically mirroring the creative process itself.

Kørner’s luscious colour-field backdrops refute solid ground as proposed terrains melt away in ephemeral washes and wistful brush strokes, setting a surreal stage for spontaneous narrative action.  Executed in vibrant colours, Kørner’s palette for this series was influenced by his recent travel in Afghanistan.  Greens of foliage, blue of sky, and intense sunset yellows and reds indicate an intensified simulation of nature, more intoxicating and exotic than the real, exuding opiate enchantment and peculiar tension. This choreographed fancy is echoed through his rhythmic, almost calligraphic approach to line and form, translating fluid gesture with efficient sensitivity. His refined and precariously balanced compositions extrapolate the operatic and contemplative with an authoritative simplicity, exemplifying the connoisseurship of contemporary painting at its finest.

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