Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva is pleased to announce When a Drop Unites, a solo exhibition of new works by Kirstine Roepstorff.

Roepstorff’s collages and sculptures evolve from her highly idiosyncratic approach to practice, where readymade materials and aesthetics are appropriated and ‘re-networked’ to create new contexts and narratives. For Roepstorff, the concept of ‘wholicism’ – or the theory of everything – is both subject and a methodology for making: working with a sense of spiritualty, and interconnectedness, her assemblages embrace and harmonise chaotic elements through intimate creative negotiation. Stemming from her own elaborate fictional mythology, Roepstorff’s collages resolve as self-styled classical parables, broaching politicised ideas of economy, feminism, and democracy.

For her latest body of work, Roepstorff applies the aural notion of timbre to visual language. Approaching her collages as symphonic constructions, each element is chosen for its tone, pitch or resonance,

their individual characteristics contributing and contingent to the concord of the whole. Staged with a hyper-awareness of equity, her delicately orchestrated compositions of fragmented figures and flowers, found materials and photographs, culminate as operatic sensibilities that merge both tactile and psychological associations in their stream of consciousness poetics, encouraging an openness of interpretation and natural affinity to chance and improvisation.

Accompanying her collages, Roepstorff’s new sculptures function as abstracted ‘instruments’ – both transmitters and conductors of harmony. Made from the sonorous materials of wood and brass, their precarious linear forms evoke geometric scores or melodic architectures, visually manifesting the quality of grazioso. Executed in model-ideal scale, they encapsulate a wonder of metronomic order, their asymmetric rhythms and synesthetic consonance emitting a utopian ambience of balance, unity and optimism in their graceful futuristic elegance.

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