The system isn’t lazy, something is waiting in the dark.
So says A.R. Penck, elucidating his concept of STANDART in his New System Paintings.
Iconogrophies on old and new society are embedded in his pictographs.
A record of mankind considers the past in looking towards the future.
History repeats itself. The military industrial complex, weaponry, destruction, astronauts, the clock ticks on evil.
A medieval 21st century landscape emerges, crocodiles lurk in the shadows.
The memory of a functioning society has eroded, we live in caves with bad consequences.

So much in one picture, hieroglyphs really. Everything has two faces, dichomatic symbols.
Janus at your door.
Jungian archetypes, a haptic image of Modernity as antiquity.

If only the caveman knew that one day, man would dare travel into deep space.
And slaughter the cloned, fatted calf.
To greet the sun as a would-be God.

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