The My Secret Garden series is the product of Arne’s green thumb. Six years ago this project began with Arne planting over 4,000 plants and flowers around his home. A modern Monet, he watched his work grow, bloom, struggle and thrive through each season to get a superior understanding of the dynamics of nature. This project allowed Arne to create pieces that truly capture its influence on him.

“I was shocked to learn that since I was born in 1971, we, as humans have managed to destroy one-third of the flora and fauna. As a an artist I consider it my duty to 

use my art to call for a better balance between culture and nature. I am trying to encourage a conversation that will change the way we think and ask questions. I want to raise the awareness of the viewing public, resulting in a more beautiful and diverse society.”

This personal series illustrates the beauty and emotion deep within Arne Quinze’s Secret Garden. The brilliant colors painted across each canvas evoke emotion, challenging its audience to find their own Secret Garden.

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