We are happy to be the first gallery worldwide to present Jeff Koon’s newest editions. Like the original monumental sculptures, the full-standing small porcelain statuettes of Balloon Rabbit, Balloon Swan and Balloon Monkey have a reflective surface, an essential component of Koons’ Oeuvre.

“Balloon Rabbit (Red)” is reminiscent of the artist’s  childhood. In Jeff’s own words: “I grew up in south-central Pennsylvania, in a rural community, and at special times of the year, people would put things out in their front yard for decoration – like, reindeer at Christmas time. In the spring, around Easter time, there would be rabbits, inflatable rabbits. I was always very struck by the generosity of the neighbours in doing that, giving pleasure to other people in that way.”

A flawless reflective statuette of a swan balloon a child might receive at a party, “Balloon Swan (Yellow)” is a  totem of joy. Reminiscent of childhood and optimism, themes at the core of Koon’s Oeuvre, “Balloon Swan” also embodies both male and female genitalia. In Jeff’s own words: “This is a swan.  This swan is very totemic, very phallic.

But if you look at the side view of the swan, it’s all a very sexual harmony and then the inside’s totally feminine and vaginal-and so it functions. Beauty is really sexualized. For me it was an epiphany, looking at this on the computer, two-dimensionally. I enjoy things that have a lot of layers to them and are connected. Anything that is connecting and that has a lot of different layers I become curious then . . .”


“Balloon Monkey (Blue)” is another allegorical figure thought to symbolize pleasure, sexuality and innocence. Koons merges these typically contradictory ideas through the reduction of the subject to its most essential form. Achieving a perfect tension between representation and abstraction, “Balloon Monkey” can almost be seen in architectural terms. Its body is pyramidal, forming a strong base for the stacked spheres of head and neck, and the phallic form of the animal’s tail. Here, the monkey represents a positive agent of temptation. Its innocent, childish form invites us to experience pleasure without guilt and to embrace our sensuality.

Each Ballon Animal is produced in an edition of 999.

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