Ugo Schildge

Born in 1987 in Paris, Ugo Schildge is a painter-sculptor, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in 2014. He produces his works between China, France and the United States.

Protected by Giuseppe Penone during his schooling at the Beaux Arts, he developed a taste inspired by his master for natural and vegetal things.

Ugo Schildge is an environmentalist but non-claimant artist whose vocation is expressed through a phantasmagorical look at flora and fauna. Man intervenes discreetly in his compositions, often camouflaged by vegetation.

After five years in NYC, where the artist notably joined the Invisible Dog Art Center residency and where he worked as Korakrit‘s assistant, Ugo Schildge returned to settle in France in 2018. In May 2020, he entered a residency at Poush Manifesto in Clichy and took the opposite view of solitary confinement to join this incubator of more than 140 artists.

In October 2020, the solo show Essence marks the return of the artist to the Parisian scene. The exhibition completes the triptych begun in 2018 with Pollen in Shanghai and Nectar in NYC in 2019. An evolving world tour that echoes the “essential” imprint of Man on the earth, his benefits and his excesses.

The success of Essence is generating fruitful news for the artist in 2021, notably with a new solo show in Shanghai and numerous international projects.


Selected Solo Exhibitions
  • Ugo Schildge: Synthesis, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  • Ugo Schildge: Pollen, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Selected Group Exhibitions
  • The Carnival of Animals, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  • Paris, as a Destination, Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
  • Round It Up! A Summer Group Show About Dots, Circles and Spheres, Muriel Guépin Gallery, New York, USA
  • Fragmented: An Art Exhibition Exploring Chaos and Harmony, Muriel Guépin Gallery, New York, USA

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