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Patricia Low Contemporary is delighted to announce it is reopening on the 15th of October, 2021, in a brand new building in the heart of Gstaad, with two exhibitions on separate floors of gallery space. A pillar of contemporary art in the Swiss resort since 2005, Patricia Low Contemporary reopens with an exhibition of new paintings by Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Richard Kennedy on the lower ground floor and three sculptures by British Turner Prize-winner Antony Gormley on the ground floor.

Designed by sought-after local architecture firm Rieder Architektur AG and situated in the centre of Gstaad on the cobbled Promenade, the new gallery’s exterior is in the traditional chalet style. The light-filled interior boasts 164 square metres of exhibition space and a terrace in addition to the two available floors. Not limited to high season, a programme of solo and curated exhibitions will take place throughout the year.

The inaugural exhibitions at the new gallery space epitomise Patricia Low’s long commitment to showing exciting artists at pivotal moments in their careers as well as established practitioners. On the lower ground floor, Richard Kennedy’s colourful canvases are seductively layered, featuring swirls of acrylic paint and poetry scratched into the surface that both play with and push at the traditions of the medium while gesturing towards a new language. Three sculptures by Antony Gormley command the upstairs space: a crystal-like Hive form in stainless steel polygons; an intricate sculpture from the Polyhedra Works series and a kneeling figure from his Massive Blockworks series.

Established in Gstaad in 2005, with outposts in Geneva (2009-12) and St. Moritz (2011-14), Patricia Low Contemporary is the main destination for contemporary art in the famed Alpine town. With 16 years exhibiting both primary and secondary works, and 75 shows in Gstaad (with more in the Geneva and St. Moritz outposts), including exhibitions by Toiletpaper, Sylvie Fleury and Jonathan Meese, Patricia Low has been central to putting Gstaad on the contemporary art map.

On the new space, Patricia says:

“Building a new gallery after 16 years marks the start of a new chapter. You build fresh upon years of experience but with newfound passion, optimism and joy, and a bright vision for the future. I am excited to begin to show year-round and to continue to spotlight exciting new artists alongside those I have long championed and loved.”

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